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Rayon Fabric, structure and application with reality.
Since being discovered and fabricated, Rayon has become increasingly recognized in the fabric market. Let"s find out more about this fabric in the following article.
1. The concept of Rayon yarn
Rayon is a synthetic material that is made from natural materials by means of processing fibers, such as wood pulp, cellulose, etc. Artificial Rayon is a natural product that is commercially available but it is basically similar to cotton, which differs from cotton only in certain physical and chemical components.
In 1924, the American Trade Association and a number of other commercial organizations named it "rayon". This means "light from cotton" because rayon is very similar to cotton in color and texture. At the same time, the substitution of the hydroxyl group shall not exceed 15% of the composition of the fabric. People usually produce Rayon by 3 methods as follows:
- Viscose Rayon
- Cuprammonium Rayon,
- Saponified Cellulose Acetate.
But in the three products, Viscose Rayon has the widest application and lowest cost.
Due to the crystal structure of Viscose rayon is 4 - 5 times less than of cotton (Cellulose in cotton has a degree of polymerization of 70%, in Viscose Rayon is 25%), Viscose rayon is weaker than cotton although these two fibers are quite similar. Especially when the yarn is wet, the viscose fiber becomes more flexible than the cotton yarn. And cotton fiber strength is 2 times higher than Viscose Rayon when dry. Because of its low crystallinity and high impact resistance, Viscose rayon fibers will swell and expand over 20% of the fabric when wet.
About chemical aspects, Viscose rayon is quite similar to cotton. Viscose rayon fibers, however, react to chemicals faster than cotton, and react in both cold and thick or hot and weak alkaline conditions (this is a relatively stable yarn) that will attack and dissolve the viscose. So it requires more careful when processing Viscose Rayon than cotton yarn.
Inkjet printing on fabric is not only improved by the technology but also depends on the type of it. Base on the material, the process of processing materials before and after printing will be set up to increase the color fastness and other qualities. Because of the way it produces higher print quality than cotton, Viscose rayon is shinier than cotton and shape is rounder than cotton. Printing directly onto the fabric surface can produce beautiful, glossy products and excellent quality.
2. Rayon Products
+ Specifications:
- The common name is called Rayon, also known as Elastic fabric, viscose, silk cotton fabric.
- Characteristic: Surface of Rayon elastic fabric is soft elasticity, high sweat absorbency and mostly bright color.
- Main ingredient: 95% Rayon + 5% Spandex
- Fiber Type: Visco 30s, Visco 40s
- Fabric weight range: from 160g to 350g.
- Size of fabric: 1m75 normally.
- Shrinkage percentage: 3% - 5%
+ Product characteristics:
- Distinguishing product: Rayon elastic fabric has good absorbency.
-Durable: High mechanical resistance to puncture.
- Color fastness: High level when tested with neutral detergent
The characteristics of the Rayon fiber are analyzed as above, so the color of the fabric is durable and diverse
+ Use of Rayon Elastic Fabric:
Also known as elastic fabric, Rayon is highly applicable in garment manufacturing because of its high durability characteristics. Due to high natural properties (highly absorbency) and cheap price (Just under 70,000 VND/ m2), people like to use it.
When touching, the fabric surface is smoother, softer than cotton surface. All fabric from Visco Rayon spandex materials are 4-way stretch easier than other types of elastics, even cotton. To distinguish the fabric from Visco Rayon and cotton fabric, the cotton fabric has a slightly textured surface and fibers have small hairs. When burned, the Rayon fiber will burn out to 100% ash. In addition, the viscose fabric has more stripes that other fabrics, such as 1F striped shirt, 5F striped shirt, ... the color fabric is glossy, even, and rich of colors such as: Blackish white, purplish white, bottle white, ...
Because of the ability to get rich color, Rayon fabric is beautiful and shiny fabric yarn more than the other elastic products. Beside the variety of colors, rayon fabric is dyed with various patterns, eye-catching stripe that makes very high effect of this product in garment products for consumers.
Rayon fabric is 4-way stretch fabric, moderate thickness so it is very popular for clothes needing to have good sweat absorption, tight fitting clothes. The softness of the fabric makes Rayon fabric suitable to produce all garments such as sportswear, T-shirts, T-shirts for both men and women, for all ages of children, the old people; Ancillary products such as towel, blanket, sheet ... fashionable T-shirt for the dynamic youth.
Rayon fabric is suitable for not only outdoor fashion, business fashion but also home clothing which is nice and cheap price.

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