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Vải Thun Vảy Cá Cotton + Spandex khắc phục hoàn toàn những nhược điểm của vải cotton thông thường

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Cotton Spandex French Terry- completely overcome the disadvantages of ordinary cotton fabric
Cotton Spandex French Terryis the product provided by Lami with the advantages and surpassing in quality. Please refer the article below for more information.
1. About Cotton fabric .
In olden time, after coming out of the antique life, the two most essential demands of the people that time were eating and dressing.  Over thousand years, ancient life style in garment area has been established and developed step by step. Ancient people knew how to use natural products to serve the needs of textile fabric. A product which can’t help but mention is cotton.
Cotton plants are known since the 5th century BC. People use cotton balls for woven fabrics. Cotton at that time was available in the New World and popular in India and China; it is a native shrub, which has the ripe fruit blooming in natural colors such as white, green, brown and pink. Raw cotton is harvested and manually twisted into yarns, rolled into coils and weaved into fabric from that cotton yarns. People make cotton garments based on the length of the yarn, the smell, the color and the cleanliness of the yarn. The longer the cotton fiber, the higher the cotton quality.
Making of natural fiber so the fabric is very soft, well absorbent and it will be tougher when it is damp or wet than when it is dry. Therefore, cotton fabric is the most natural fiber fabric used in garment sector up to now.
Nowadays, while studying the cotton yarn which making up cotton fabric, they assert that cotton fabric is suitable for human skin because it doesn’t cause itching or allergy… However, cotton fabric isn’t sustainable with acidic acid so that it’s easily destroyed by microorganism; the ability of being damage by termites or moldy or flammable is also high.
Overcoming the disadvantages of cotton fabric, today as the growing of textile industry, we have studied the composition of synthetic materials combining with traditional cotton to create the appropriate cotton products that suitable for the costumes of all objects. Today"s cotton fabric is made from variety of nature materials and chemicals and it’s also the most common material used in all garments today due to the best ability of waterproofing, sweat; easily cleanly washing with detergents, quickly drying, nice fabric surface, variety of colorway, light weight…
There’re two common types of cotton fabric: 100% Cotton (2-way stretch fabric) and Cotton Spandex ( 4 -way stetch fabric)
But like all other products, cotton fabric also has its drawbacks:
-Because of being made from natural ingredients, the cost of the fabric is quite high.
-The fabric is dry, so it is suitable for men.
-the restriction on cotton fabric is dry hands, so this will be unsuited for the majority of different objects such as children, women, old people ... Therefore, people have added Spandex fiber to increase the soft porous, soft warm of fabric/ To deal with the limitation of cotton fabric - hands drying, which will not suitable for the majority of different objects such as children, woman, old people,... they have added Spandex fiber to increase the soft porous, soft warm of the fabric.
2.  Cotton +Spandex French Terry fabric
Specification of Cotton +Spandex French Terry fabric:
- Normal name is called Cotton Spandex French Terry fabric because it has big loop stitch and fabric surface is terry.
- Main ingredient: 92cotton + 8% Spandex,
- Fiber type: CM30s.
- Fabric weight: about 190 - 220 - 240gmr.
- Fabric size: 1m8. Meets Oeko-Tex Standard 100
Product characteristics
- Product distinguishing: Very good moisture absorption, has paper burning smell when burned.
- Durability: Mechanical endurance to punctured at medium level due to short fibers.
- Color fastness: High grade 4-5 when tested with neutral detergent
- Types of glue used: soft, UV-deodorant and silicon ...
cotton+ Spandex French Terry fabric is knitted by special technology so it is stretched in horizontal, vertical (4-way stretch fabric). Because face surface is knitted in rib , it is appropriate to apply thermal printing and dyeing technology to make the fabric more durable and the color of the fabric more diversified.
.+ Uses of French Terry fabric:
Cotton+ Spandex French Terry fabric is used for sportswear, T-shirts for both men and women. Due to the fish scales shape lumpy surface in many colors such as yellow, purple, green, blue, indigo ... the cotton + Spandex French Terry fabric mainly used in T-shirt design which is suitable for sport players, gym, tennis ... fahions T-shirt for young and dynamic people with quite high cost
There are a lot of famous sportswear brands in the world that use this type of textile products to create hit products. And one of the garment companies which always associated their name with the products using this fabric is Lacoste Crocodile

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