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Company name La Mi Production Trading and Service Co., Ltd.
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Lami Service and Production Trading Co., Ltd., was established in 2003 operating in the field of textile and garment, which leads the textile and garment industry in Vietnam to become the key economy of the country. Aiming at serving customers, building up the brand value based on customer satisfaction, La Mi is striving to become a leading manufacturer of textiles and garments in Vietnam. In order to gain a firm foothold in Vietnam"s textile industry and in the hearts of consumers, the company has given prominence to building up the branding and brand recognition by the Quality Management System of ISO 9001: 2008

Maximizing the available capacity, Lami Service and Production Trading Co., Ltd. operates on three main areas
- Trading in garment products
- Producing and trading knitted fabrics
- Buying and selling garment accessories.


In the past, Vietnamese textile and garment industry was operating scatteredly based on the village model, technology based on people experiences, and management system was not in order. Therefore, they couldn"t meet the specific requirements of large orders which needed high technology and production time. Besides, formerly, Vietnam"s textile and garment products were mainly manufactured for export only under a different brand.


So that the sale of the company"s goods by its own brand not only increases the profit but also increases the prestige, trust of the company and confirm the foothold of the domestic textile market. After the economic crisis of one of Vietnam"s largest textile exporters at that time - US, fashion garment companies have recognized the importance of the domestic market.


Lami Service and Production Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, when the company leaders realized that this was a very important opportunity to set up. As the demand for the local fashion market is increasing, the goal is to meet the high demand for quality and design products for customers. A wide range of fashion brands has opened up to meet the demand of the society.


Lami would like to express our gratitude to all the customers who have trusted and cooperated with us all the time. At the same time, Lami hopes that in the future, Vietnam knitting enterprises will always work closely, form a cohesive group for sustainable development and bring Vietnam textile industry forward to be equal with countries in the region and on the world

With the motto "Prestige, Quality, Competitive Price" we strive to become a high-class knit fabric manufacturing enterprise and believe in meeting the technical, artistic, quality requirements as well as the requirements of progress, fashion.

Lami Service and Production Trading Co., Ltd.


  • Operation process
    • Originally established as a traditional knitting fabric factory in Bay Hien district, Ho Chi Minh City, the factory was operated with big success and in 2009 it changed its name from a knitting factory to Lami Service and Production Trading Co., Ltd. With the unceasing efforts of the entire leaders, staffs and employees of the company within 10 years, in 2014, the company inaugurated the factory in District 12 of Ho Chi Minh City with the total area 1,000 m2, put into use 18 specialized machines of all kinds. But, dissatisfying with the result, in 2016, for orientations of action such as restructuring the organization and developing the domestic market, the company decided to build up and put into operating the factory which scaled up many times before with an area of 3,300m2 workshop and more than 200 skilled workers and 60 specialized weaving machines, including:

      • Single jersey circular knitting machine: 50 machines
      • Double jersey circular knitting machine: 10 machines
      • Computerized knitting machines: 5 machines


      At present, the factory has come into stable, with the output of over 400 tons finished products in a month meeting the large orders with the highest quality, timely delivery. With the best quality, variety of designs, and with the strength of cotton products, fabrics Tici 65/35, Visco, PE, Poly,… we pay special attention to product quality in any orders whether large or small. The domestic market is the target of company with large-scale operations plans.

  • Domestic market
    • The company has conquered the most difficult customers in both the domestic market and abroad.

      Local partners which have been working long term with Lami Service and Production Trading Co., Ltd. such as Hoang Duong Trading and Service Corporation (Canifa Brand), BOO Limited Liability Company (Dairy company), TNG Trading and Investment Corporation (TNG brand), Fashion Star, Minh Nguyen, Viet Impression, Hantex, Son Kim ... are long term partners with us.

  • Foreign markets
    • La Mi not only has conquered the domestic market but also has produced many products for well-known brand names; long term partners of Hyosung Korea, Nagrer, KiKaNi ... as well as being received highly appreciate by abroad partners about the professionalism, quality of the product and other related factors.
  • Operation field
    • Together with the Board of Directors who are very enthusiastic and experienced in the textile and garment industry, and with more than 50 professional staffs in all technical, planning and financial positions. R&D department, personnel ... Lami Service and Production Trading Co., Ltd constantly improves the diversification of product lines to give better service for customers. The company's determination is to build a factory with the most professional, industrial and skilled labor force. Therefore, the company has strongly invested in modern machinery and technology; paying attention to long-term investment, company also sends its staff to study in some countries which have high management qualifications and high technical level

      So far, the company's products include many kinds of products from common yarns such as cotton, poly, tc to the products characterized by fast absorbent fabric, elastic fabric such as:
      - Knitted fabric (Cotton, Polyester, TC ...)
      - Woven fabric - Production And Business

      Products and services of the company

      • Lacoste fabric
      • Cotton spandex fabric
      • Cotton fabric
      • Poly Fabric
      • Terry fabric
      • Visco fabric

      has long been popular with customers. La Mi has a wide sales network in other provinces in the country with dedicated team.


      14 years is not too long for a business, but at any stage, the company also repeatedly expressed their beliefs with consumers. In recognition of the contribution to the fashion industry, Lami Service and Production Trading Co., Ltd has been awarded the following awards:

      • Certification: ISO 9001: 2008
      • Golden Brand Awards 2008
      • Certificate of Elite Products Integration WTO 2010
      • Vietnam Gold Cup for WTO integration 2008
      • Strong Vietnamese brand in 2013
      • Prestige Brand - Quality Products - Belief Services In 2016 (3rd time)
  • The mission of the business
    • With the mission: “Let's develop your fashion brand together”, the company has stated the promise of building a strong fashion industry in Vietnam.

  • Organization structure
    • Together with the Board of Directors who are very enthusiastic and experienced in the textile and garment industry, and with more than 50 professional staffs in all technical, planning and financial positions. R&D department, personnel ...

  • Lami Service and Production Trading Co., Ltd
  • Main office: 74-76 Ba Van Street, Ward 14, Tan Binh, HCMC
  • Factory: 80/10H Street 363, Tan An Hoi, Cu Chi, HCMC
  • Phone: 098 111 7777
  • Fax: (08) 3949 1482
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