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Poly Lacoste fabric is the fabric which used widely in manufacturing sportswears. Let"s study more about the structure, uses as well as our distributors of this product by the following article!
1. The cotton fabric is essentially made of cotton
Cotton plant was known a long times ago, in the 5th century BC humans have grown, planted cotton plants and twisted cotton yarn. A native shrub in subtropical and tropical in the America, Africa, and the Indian River Basin, and then most widely distributed in India and China. Cotton yarns are used in the manufacture of garments. Ripe fruit blossomed into the colored cotton. Natural cotton is white, green, brown and pink. People would harvest that layer of cotton and manually twisted into yarn, rolled up into a coil and weaved fabric by that cotton yarns.
Cotton yarn is the soft yarn which is twisted by pinches of cotton around cotton seeds. Cotton yarns are woven into fabrics used in garments fashion. Being natural yarns so it’s very soft, breathable; cotton fibers are insoluble in water; it is tougher when it’s damp or wet than when it’s dry; durable with alkaline materials… Therefore, the cotton fabric is the most natural fabric used in the field of garments up to now.
Cotton yarn is a natural fiber so its ability to absorb water is very high, up to nearly 70% of the fiber weight, for that reason, it’s very suitable for human skin, does not cause itching or allergies. But the disadvantage of cotton fibers is that it’s easily contaminated by dirt and grease, not stable with acids so easily being destroyed by microorganisms; risk of being destroyed by termites or having mould; flammable.
Cotton garment products are processed following the length of the yarn, the odor, the color and the cleanliness of the yarn. The longer cotton fibers, the higher the cotton roll quality.
Today, as the evolving of textile industry, people have adopted scientific achievements for producing cotton fabrics. When harvesting cotton, we applied the chemical soaking to prevent mould and parasite in cotton material; taking advantages of scientific achievement by mixing cotton fiber with synthetic materials to create a variety of fabrics and to overcome the disadvantages of traditional cotton fabrics.
Today"s cotton fabric is synthetic fabrics formed from a variety of materials from nature to chemicals. This is the most popular material of the garment because the product is good at sweating resistant, durability, easily washing, and fast drying.
Cotton fabric has 2 common types: 100% Cotton (2-way stretch fabric) and Spandex Cotton (4-way stretch fabric)
● Advantages of Cotton in general:
- Fabrication: 100% Cotton (2-way stretch fabric) and Spandex Cotton (4-way stretch fabric)
- Yarn: There are different yarns such as CM 20, CM26, 30, 36, 40, 50
- Light weight: Light weight is from 150g to 250g
- Breadth: It is possible to produce fabric breadth from 1m5 to 2m5
● Weak points of Cotton fabric in general:
- Due to the natural ingredients, the cost of fabric is quite high.
- The fabric is dry so it is more suitable for men, but for other objects such as children, women, they have to add Spandex yarn to make the fabric more soft and warm.
Many kinds of Elastic material depend on the composition of cotton and synthetic fibers in the fabric
1. Lacoste PE fabric with outstanding quality and featurer is a type of cotton fabric which loop stitch is larger than normal cotton fabric. This material appeared in France in the third decades of the 20th century. The fabric has a 4-way stretching, so it easily conquers fashion garments, especially sportswear fashion. Lacoste are also divided into four types of materials: PE, 35% cotton, 65% cotton, and 100% cotton.
2. Poly Lacoste fabric is 4-way stretch fabric with polyester material (Nylon) + Spandex material, polyester components range from 92 to 96%, while the Spandex content varies from 4- 8%.  It’s Poly 150 / 144 fabric have loop stitch larger than plain fabrics but are smaller and finer than shark elastic fabrics. Weight of 190-300g / m2 fabric and weaving with large size from 1m8 to 2m2. Fabric shrinkage from 3% -5%. To identify the Poly 4C Lacoste fabric, we use hand to stretch fabric with medium force, if fabric is stretched in any directions, it is 4-way stretch fabric.
3. Due to having poly fiber composition, products from poly Lacoste are thicker, high friction, less creases or shrinkage, medium rate. Therefore, the products made of Poly Lacoste fabric have a cheaper price, varied colors due to easy dyeing and less creases. For these reasons, it should be the preferred choice for garments popular products.
Uses: for sport wears, Lacoste t-shirts for both men and women.
Authentic Poly Lacoste Fabric Supplier
To buy authentic Poly Crocodile Elastic fabric, you can order at Lami. La Mi Production Trading & Service Company Limited was established in 2003 operating in the field of textile and fashion. The company operates by Quality Management System ISO 9001: 2008
La Mi operates on three main areas:
- Trading in garment products
- Producing and trading knitted fabrics
- Buying and selling garment accessories.
After 14 years of operation, the company has built a factory with the output of over 400 tons finished products in a month meeting the large orders with the highest quality, timely delivery. . The workshop area is around 3,300m2 with 60 specialized machines and 200 skilled workers.
Specialized machines of the company:
- 50 single jersey circular knitting machines
- 10 double circular knitting machines
- 5 computerized knitting machines
- Products of La Mi Company: La Mi Production Trading and Service Company Limited have some exclusive products such as Cotton Fabric, Tici 65/35 Fabric, Visco, PE, Poly Lacoste fabric. At present, the company"s products include variety of products from common yarns such as Cotton, Poly, TC specializing in high absorbent and elasticity.
We are constantly providing the best products for you including Poly Lacoste Fabric. Please contact us:

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